The Dirty Secret No One is Telling You About Morning Routines

There is a dirty little secret that people aren’t talking about–a secret that is keeping people from living their most productive and positive lives. 

So you might be wondering, what is this secret? Morning routines don’t have to include waking up early. They just don’t.

 The idea that if you’re not waking up at 5am, then you’re not living your best life simply isn’t true. Is it an option that works for many people? Absolutely, but it’s not the only one. 

Join me as I demystify the morning routine and set things straight while helping you understand that morning routines are not meant to be one size fits all. That way, you can design the routine best for you, with days that are more productive, happy and ultimately the best they can be.

The first point I think is really important to make is that, as someone who has worked in the hospitality and recreation industries for two decades, I know that many people’s “mornings” might not be starting at 6 or 7am. Heck, your morning might start at 3pm, and that’s okay! What is even more important than the time you wake up are the things you do when you wake up that set the tone for your day. 

Now, I will agree that waking up 30 minutes to an hour earlier has a proven effect on your productivity and your overall mental health. Why? You’re not starting the day rushed and instead have set aside time for yourself to get in the right headspace and run your day vs your day running you.

Focusing on how you want to start your day, figuring out the activities that get you energized and focused, will have a greater impact on your life than the time you wake up. Not sure what exercises do that for you? Download our Daily Check-in, a free guide that helps you discover which exercises really set you up for success.

Just remember that if a 5am wake up call simply doesn’t fit in your current routine or lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you can’t lead a positive, productive, and joyful life.

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