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It’s official! We’re launching our first mini-course!

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You hear it all the time: successful people wake up early.

But why?

What is it about those first few hours of the day that can make such an impact on our productivity, relationships, and happiness?

Is there something special about waking up early that makes them more successful?

I’ve been experimenting with waking up earlier than usual for years and found that even when life was at its busiest, having a morning routine I could fall back on allowed me to strategically navigate my day.

I know what you’re thinking, “A morning routine sounds great, but I’m already too busy!” If this is you, then I want to let you in on a little secret: the busier you get, the more important it becomes to create a morning routine that protects your energy. Consistently hearing clients struggle to maximize their productivity and feeling stressed or overwhelmed led me to create our first paid course, Protecting Your Mornings. 

Protecting Your Mornings is a mini-course that teaches you to do just that! In this course, you’ll learn:

Why a morning routine matters

This isn’t just fluff, but actual evidence-based findings on why having a consistent morning routine matters (even if your day-to-day life isn’t the same every day). From waking up at a similar time each day to having a similar set of activities you do once you’re awake, we will walk through the science behind its success.

How to design a morning routine that works for you

We know no one’s mornings look exactly the same and we guide you through how to design a routine that is specific to your needs. No matter if you’re single, have a partner or a family, are creating a startup or running a business. This course will meet you where you are.

Make it a habit!

Because none of what you learn matters if you don’t make it a habit. We walk you through the exact steps to making your routine stick. Does it mean you won’t have your challenging days? Of course not, but you’ll know exactly what to do to get back on track.

Stop Comparison and Negative Self-Talk

This is arguably the most important lesson in this course because it applies to every aspect of your life. We want you to create a routine that fits your interests and lifestyle, not competing with what you see others doing.

Ultimately, we created this course because the one thing I learned when I made a conscious decision to create my own morning routine is that I stopped wasting my time and energy, and most importantly, I regained my peace. 

That hour before my amazing husband wakes up; that quiet before the house begins to stir; those precious minutes are for me and me alone to review my goals, move my body, create happiness, and get ready to strategically move through the day.

Interested in learning more? Pre-registration is live! Spots are beginning to fill up, but we’d love to have you discover the impact PYM can have on you and those around you.

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