Vivid Motivation

Reconnect to your mission. Rediscover your purpose.

Coaching suites designed with your team in mind.

What’s Included?

Whether you are fighting burnout, struggling to become a more confident leader or team member, or you want to improve your client’s customer experience, Vivid Motivation can help.

Select the online coaching program best suited to your needs and discover the skills needed to transform your career and rediscover your joy and purpose.



Meet once a week and participate in live, online group coaching led by our Head Coach, Marcella Miciano.


action Plan

Members receive practical, easy-to-implement toolkit designed to help you rediscover your passion and purpose.



Before your initial live coaching session, members take part in a friendly one-on-one with our Coaching Concierges, where we get to know your goals and challenges.



Learn the key concepts, strategies, and action steps that will transform your professional and personal life.

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Smile Makers

Coaching Enrollment: Sept. 29th 2021

Reconnect to the purpose behind your work, and learn how to become a leader within your current role.


Discover the proven communication techniques essential to improving your interpersonal relationships at work and home.


Fight employee burnout and inspire those around you with our proven motivational techniques.


Learn how to develop your inner leader, no matter your personality type! Every person has the skills to become a leader within their current role.


Rediscover what matters most to you, get clear on your next steps and, ultimately, become successful in every part of life.

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Bright Leaders

Coaching Enrollment: tba

Transform your confidence, communication and delegation skills, and become the leader you always imagined.


Become an effective communicator and earn respect from those around you, open yourself up to greater opportunities, and increase your influence with family and friends.


The power of positivity has the ability to effectively motivate your colleagues and customers. Create a culture of accountability that promotes positivity and growth. 


Inspire team members to do their best work by showing them they are trusted with the decisions and authority needed to succeed.


Get clear about your purpose and know what you want to achieve within your organization, becoming more inspired and empowered.

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Community Builder

Coaching Enrollment: TBA

Discover how to create a sense of community for your customers and deliver a unique and authentic customer experience.


Create a customer experience that Puts People First and embodies your organization’s unique branding and style.


Develop a communication style that is clear, consistent, community-focused, and uniquely you! 


Learn the essential strategies necessary to building trust, credibility, and community with your customers.


Discover how to communicate with customers beyond your policies and guidelines, and speak with them like a trusted family member or friend.

Industries we Serve

Our coaching programs are designed to impact specific industries, including:

Sports and Recreation

With over 25 years of leading teams in youth sports and kids’ recreation, we understand the unique challenges management and staff often face.

Our mission is to provide you with the communication & culture creation strategies, as well as motivation tips that create lasting change for you, your team, and your program.

Hospitality & Guest Relations

With over a decade of experience building and consulting Guest Services and Relations departments at some of the world’s top resorts.

We provide actionable teambuilding and communication strategies to strengthen your department and best practices for creating consistently memorable client interactions.


Sales and Customer Service

With over two decades of experience building effective Sales and Customer Service teams, we guide members on how to develop a unique and consistent customer experience while strengthening their communication and teambuilding muscles.