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Let the Energy Bus Drive home the 10 Rules for your Life, Desire, Vision & Focus! Move your Bus in the right direction with positive energy, purpose, fun & enthusiasm. Getting the right people on the bus & letting off the negative vampires is priceless!


Focus on the “we” not the “me”! Positive Teams Ignite Transformation, Elevate Culture & Foster Growth! Builds better communication, motivation, trust, optimism & positive attitudes.


Positive Leaders Drive Positive Cultures! Create & Empower Leaders. Build Relationships. Improve Communication, Care, Commitment & Connection. Lead with Optimism, Positivity & Belief. Pursue Excellence with Love & Accountability.

Put People First.
Transform your Business.

Business coaching to reignite the joy in your business (and your life).

Our Coaching Services


Help your team reconnect to your organization’s mission, purpose, and culture by empowering them to become leaders within their current and future roles.


Discover how to create a sense of community for your customers and deliver a unique and authentic customer experience.


Transform your confidence, communication and delegation skills, and become the leader you always imagined.

Flexible to Fit Your Schedule & Budget

In Person


Online via Zoom

We understand that no company is exactly the same which is why we offer Complimentary Consultation sessions to better understand what’s working and what could be improved in your business. 

We work with you to deliver the most effective coaching plan that suits your team and your budget. Coaching can be held online via Zoom, onsite or a combination of both formats.

Creative Solutions for Your Industry

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Sports & Recreation

Between coordinating summer camps, kid’s programs, and youth tournaments, we know there is never a dull moment for your team.

With over 25 years of leading teams in youth sports and kids recreation, we coach industry professionals on the communication, culture creation, and motivation strategies essential to building a fun, exciting, and profitable workplace.

Hospitality & Guest Relations

With over a decade of experience building and consulting Guest Services and Relations departments at some of the world’s top resorts, we coach team leaders and their staff on mastering the art of team-building and communication while delivering a memorable guest experience.

Sales & Customer Service

At Vivid, we know that organizations committed to Putting People First have more than happy customers; they have lifelong fans!

We coach customer service and sales professionals on the fundamental communication skills and strategies that deliver a customer experience that is warm, authentic, and uniquely you!

Hospitality & Guest Services

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